Mrs. Sarah Schiltz


Welcome to Third Grade!

Saint John Vianney School is a wonderful environment for a child. Our third grade class works together to create a safe, caring, and respectful classroom. We work on being positive teammates and being a part of a team.

An important aspect of our classroom is following the teachings of Jesus. Prayer is a part of each day. During religion classes, we learn about the lives of Jesus, Mary, and the Saints. We also learn more about some of the sacraments and the Holy Trinity. Students take part in Masses and prayer services. We attended weekly Mass with our Mass partners. We learn about some of the lives of the Saints. We read Bible stories about people who prepared the way for Jesus during Advent. During Lent, we focus on the Stations of the Cross. We plan the May Crowning Mass to honor Mary. Prayer is a part of every day.

Our mornings start with a team meeting. We discuss our day, problem solve, and help each other. Math concepts we work with include place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, measurement, and problem solving. Third graders read a variety of story genres, and we learn different strategies to analyze stories. Students also use the Accelerated Reader program. We continue to develop phonics skills. Grammar and writing are components of our language class. Communities is our focus in social studies. Science topics include classification of living things, weather, matter, and energy. Cursive handwriting is reviewed and used throughout the year. Students create a variety of art projects using different methods and materials. The class attends music and physical education classes. We check out books from our school library on a weekly basis.

Technology is used in a variety of subjects to enhance learning. Three times during the year, the students use technology to take the NWEA standardized tests for math, science, and reading. We have opportunities to take part in different events and activities within our community. Third grade is a place to grow in faith and learn together. If you have any questions, please contact me at Join us at Saint John Vianney School in Fairmont, MN!

Sarah Schiltz