Welcome to First Grade!

Welcome to the First Grade web page! My name is Mary Betts. I am the First Grade teacher at St. John Vianney School.

Here in First Grade we have so many new and exciting subjects to explore. In the spirit of Jesus Christ, we create a loving atmosphere that facilitates learning. We work diligently in our room to treat others with respect, as we would want to be treated.  In our classroom we enjoy collaborating and searching for ways to solve our problems. Many times in our classroom you will be asked about time, place, and manner. Is it the time to be doing what you’re doing, the place, and in what manner are you to be doing it?

We enjoy the highlights of the subjects taught, by concentrating on special “units of study”. For example, in our Science curriculum, we are introduced to Our Earth, as an extension we have a unit on the Solar System, delving into each planet and how each is so unique. Our students in First Grade grow vastly in our reading, phonics, & language skills through the year.  We use these skills to create our own stories. Each component needed to create a story is refined, polished, and presented to our loved ones followed by a short reception. In First Grade, we begin Accelerated Reading and Math Facts in a Flash by October. These two programs will each challenge our students according to their needs and abilities.

Our goal in First Grade is for each student to develop and discover their gifts, share their talents, appreciate who they are, and develop who they are called to be. We celebrate school Mass each week. First graders will have the opportunity to prepare masses and prayer services throughout the year. Each will get the chance to have reading parts as well as non- reading parts for each. We enjoy the gift of giving of our talents by preparing a service project for the children in the Urgent Care Unit/Same Day Surgery Unit of our local hospital. We prepare a Kid Kare Kit for each young patient.

Various field trips are taken or guest speakers asked to join us throughout the year!, (Fire Station, Dental Office, Martin County Library)

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to go into more detail about our First Grade curriculum.

God’s blessings,

Mrs. Mary Betts