Mrs. Sarah Glidden


Welcome to Preschool!

Welcome to an exciting year in Preschool! My name is Sarah Glidden and I am the preschool teacher here at St. John Vianney. Nicole Maakestad will also be in the classroom this year helping out. Throughout the year we will be exploring and learning so many things. You are invited to stop into the preschool classroom at any time, our door is always open!
Our day in preschool consists of many different things. We always start with a morning circle time that provides an opportunity to learn about the calendar, letter of the week, song singing, reading a book and discussion that lays out our day. Large motor time is provided by either going outside or to the gym. Snack is served in the middle of the morning which allows the opportunity for patience to be practiced, manners to be used, and a meal time prayer to be said. Free choice time allows children to play and experience all the wonderful toys, games, paints, manipulatives, and books our classroom has to offer. During this time, children are also asked to work one on one or in small groups on projects and objectives for the week. Our morning ends with a closing circle time where discussion is held to wrap up the morning, another story is read and sharing is done.
Throughout the preschool year we will be discussing a different theme and letter each week. The stories, projects, lessons and other activities are all based around the theme and letter of the week. The children love talking about each theme and exploring how the letter of the week is all around us!
There are currently two different programs offered here at St. John Vianney; a Monday, Wednesday and Friday program which is geared towards 4/5-year-olds and a Tuesday, Thursday program geared for 3 year olds. Both programs run from 8:20-11:00 with morning child care offered from 7:50-8:20 Monday-Friday. St. John Vianney also works closely with the special education program including speech and occupational therapy through Southern Plains. The 4/5-year-old program will have the opportunity to go on field trips throughout the year. If at any time throughout the year you are interested in joining our preschool program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to have your child join us at any point.
If you ever have any questions, concerns, and/or comments, please feel free to contact me at
We are looking forward to having your child as part of St. John Vianney School!
Mrs. Sarah Glidden